Why Use VeloMap maps for cycling?

  • High Contrast layout optimized for small size screen of Garmin GPS (1.8-4"). Clear differentiation between all street types. Separate low contrast Layout for tour planning on your PC/desktop.
  • Paved or Unpaved? Easy to spot road type. Bridges and tunnels shown. Cycle tracks and cycle lanes shown. Arrows for one way streets...... See the map legend for more.
  • Cycle relevant information like drinking water, city bike stations or bicycle shops searchable and shown prominently.
  • Cycle routes shown prominently BESIDES the streets differentiated by colour and size based on importance (other maps show cycle routes instead of streets so that you don't know what kind of street the route is on, bad for planning).
  • Navigation - Highly sophisticated Autorouting specialised for cycling. Don't cycle on big streets anymore because you got lost. The VeloMap focuses very strictly on road cycling, commuting and touring/trekking. Maps trying to focus for many purposes can never be as good.
  • Easy installation to Garmin Mapsource, Garmin Basecamp or Qlandkarte GT for on PC planning.
  • Good Documentation because everything you want and need to know for using the maps is found on VeloMap.org
  • Contourlines based on the best free (as in beer) data - viewfinderpanoramas.org - as separate download for most countries. Much higher quality in mountainous regions than the mostly used void filled SRTM3".
  • Map Incomplete? You can participate and Add missing to Openstreetmap. Every Week the maps become better and more complete! If you think anything "bicycle relevant" features are missing (but recorded and documented in OSM), drop a comment and I will try to add it.


New Here?:

Lots of information, don't get lost, Get Started!


Navigation - Find the shortest nice route -- or find the most cyclefriendly route.

Garmin offerst two seperate Autorouting modes supported by all GPS and Software. Shorter Distance will actually be shorter than on any other Garmin map I have tried (even though high traffic streets are avoided). Faster time finds nicer routes with even less traffic and makes some detours if needed. Autorouting using  Mapsource 6.16 or Basecamp v3 up to 200km trip distance without via-points. Around 100-150km with Oregon/Dakota/2010_Generation_etrex/GPSmaps. If you route over longer distances, cities are avoided except for cycleroutes crossing cities.  

Map Layout

Clean map layout 100% optimized for readability on GPS. Be assured that on the GPS maps therefore are very well readable. As for desktop use the layout has too much contrast, there is a second layout optimized for planning with Mapsource/Basecamp/Qlandkarte GT.


You can Improve the Maps!!

These maps are based on the freely available wikipedia like Openstreetmap Map Database. You should consider uploading your GPS tracks to openstreetmap and/or help out if you find errors or missing data.  There is a short introduction here listing the most relevant links to get you startet: Participate  

Who can make use of the maps?

The maps offered here are of course, currently primarily used by Garmin GPS users, but you don't need to have a Garmin GPS to use them. Qlandkarte GT an opensource and freely available Map Viewer can display them in all their pride, and also if not owning a Garmin GPS or buying maps from Garmin you can install the free Garmin Basecamp or Mapsource software and enjoy autorouting like you have not enjoyed before.  

Need a map for Mountainbiking or Hiking?

Head over to https://openmtbmap.org and get it. Whereas the Velomap showss non paved tracks and trails in very subtle colors, on the openmtbmap you can see difficulty gradings both for Up- and Downhill. Also mtb and hikingroutes are prominently shown.  

Sorry for delayed Updates

Sorry for not having updated the maps over 3 weeks now. 6 weeks ago I started to order a new code signing certificate - but I had problems fulfilling the requirements and now that since 2 weeks I have all the requirements done - Sectigo is still not validating my data. So today I decided to push updates through without signed installers and signing of other files.

This will surely cause antivirus programs and windows download shield to go havoc. I hope I can get the certificate soon but Sectigo seems unable to work with simple problems as my address once being in English translation and once in romanized script (Istanbul vs Istanmpoul) and the street number (not house or door number) once being there - once not - things which in Cyprus are confusing as every authority has it's own take on how they will publish the address.

For Mac OSx, gmapsupp.img downloads this nearly doesn't matter - but I could not change the map creation procedure to take out the .exe installers for windows so I had decided to wait hoping for a certificate being issued any day...

Well I will now restart the weekly updates - and hopefully soon be able to sign all the files that can be signed again.


Otherwise besides updated map data the bash/batch files had some bugs and some other minor stuff besides updated map data.


[:de[ Es tut mir leid, dass ich die Karten seit über 3 Wochen nicht mehr aktualisiert habe. Vor 6 Wochen habe ich begonnen, ein neues Code-Signing-Zertifikat zu bestellen - aber ich hatte Probleme, die Anforderungen zu erfüllen, und nun, da ich seit 2 Wochen alle Anforderungen erfüllt habe, validiert Sectigo meine Daten immer noch nicht. Also habe ich heute beschlossen, Updates ohne signierte Installationsprogramme und Signierung anderer Dateien zu installieren.

Dies wird sicherlich dazu führen, dass Antivirenprogramme und Windows Download Shield Chaos anrichten. Ich hoffe, dass ich das Zertifikat bald bekommen kann, aber Sectigo scheint nicht in der Lage zu sein, mit einfachen Problemen zu arbeiten, wie z.B. dass meine Adresse einmal in englischer Übersetzung und einmal in romanisierter Schrift (Istanbul vs. Istanmpoul) ist und dass die Straßennummer (nicht Haus- oder Türnummer) einmal da ist und einmal nicht - Dinge, die in Zypern verwirrend sind, da jede Behörde ihre eigene Auffassung darüber hat, wie sie die Adresse veröffentlicht.

Für Mac OSx, wo gmapsupp.img heruntergeladen wird, spielt das fast keine Rolle - aber ich konnte das Kartenerstellungsverfahren nicht ändern, um die .exe-Installationsprogramme für Windows zu entfernen, also hatte ich beschlossen zu warten, in der Hoffnung auf ein Zertifikat, das jeden Tag ausgestellt wird...

Nun, ich werde jetzt die wöchentlichen Updates neu starten - und hoffentlich bald in der Lage sein, alle Dateien, die signiert werden können, wieder zu signieren.


Ansonsten hatten die Bash/Batch-Dateien neben aktualisierten Kartendaten noch einige Bugs und einige andere Kleinigkeiten.

Overwork of Map Layouts and other News – June 2022

Hi Everyone - wishing you all a good outdoor/bicycle season this summer!


To make your biking and outdoor activities even better - I invested a lot of time - partly together with a graphics designer - to improve the layout of the maps regarding to making them nicer to look at. Previously I had tried to design all elements so that they are easiest to distinguish - that however caused the some not so important things - like the differentiation between industrial or residential quarters to stick out too much - while for most people the main importance is if you are in the nature or in a build up area. It's still easy to distinguish between shopping, industrial or residential quarters - but the different places don't pop out of the screen anymore - leaving better contrast to streets and trails - so things that really matter. I also made buildings much more similar - I think the old differentiation between simple buildings and those with touristic or public usage was not as important as to make them a darker grey. Landfills are now moved to show only at very high detail - they showed too early. 

Also for all layouts residential streets at resolution 23 (300m) are now shown identical to resolution 24 (200m and below) - I did this to save some screen estate in resolution 23 but I think it's too confusing - increases the learning to read the map too much.


The second big change is an addition of a more standard Topographical map layout. It does not show any information that you would not expect in a normal topographical map for hiking - so it is much easier to read. I therefore also made mtb, bicycle and hiking routes much thinner. They are still visible but much less obvious. It's very simple - tracks get red colour, pathes (singletrail) get brown colour. The more dashed the harder/more difficult/worse condition. There is no more differentiation between residential roads and service roads or tracks with tarmac surface (this differentiation is still visible in the hiking layout) as standard topographical maps also do not differentiate this. An exception to this I made with pedestrian zones - they are in most maps not differentiated - but I kept a differentiation for them. I am thinking about modifying the hiking layout a bit therefore - maybe remove all mtb routes and bicycle routes from it? I usually think hikers like to know them too - but in that case they could use the new simplified topographical map layout which is not specific to one activity.

The simple topographical layout also exists for the VeloMap.

Some more changes over the last weeks: add leisure=track for bikeparks where highway=path is not used (happens sometimes), Fixed a bug that ways with route=hiking were shown dominantly in the VeloMap (so you could assume they have better surface - only applies to ways with unknown surface/tracktype/smoothness). Place=locality POI moved from resolution 23 to 24. They are sometimes used excessively.  


Oh and if you are unsure which layout to use: I've added a section explaining this to the website: https://www.velomap.org/velomaporg/map-legend/


So here some screenshots showing the changes:

The new cleaner layout - OpenMTBMap Wide layout (very similar for VeloMap Wide):

New cleaner Wide Layout

vs the old Wide layout:

New cleaner Wide Layout

The same was done for the desktop layout (I first thought about removing it altogether - because the new layouts are quite nice on desktop too - but yeah desktop layout with lower contrast is still nicer on desktop:

- so the new desktop layout below.

New cleaner Wide Layout


I still have to do some work in implementing those changes for the Fenix layout.



Now on to the new Simple Topographical map layout:

New cleaner Wide Layout

vs the Hiking layout:

Hiking Layout

vs the wide layout:

New cleaner Wide Layout


And here another screenshot of the new simple Topographical map layout:

New cleaner Wide Layout